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Fuel your TransfoHRmation.

Understand and plan ‐ with precision ‐ how to best recruit, retain, and motivate your workforce.

Discover and share actionable insights

Develop quantifiable, laser-focused HR programs
Enable a culture of fact-based decision making
Take ownership of the people strategy and workforce planning

Start answering hundreds of workforce questions in weeks, not months or years.

Get operational with all your data in four to eight weeks.

Some of our amazing customers.

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    "Visier is going to be a key disruptor in the HR industry. It’s really going to help the HR user understand where the business needs to go and where the business needs to improve."

    Charles Mah, VP, Global Talent Acquisition
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    "Visier has really improved how quickly and how efficiently I can analyze the data, bringing it all into one space... Within minutes I have an answer and can share it with the business."

    Blaine Ames, Talent Analytics Leader
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    "Visier helped us present analytics in real time to our leaders, managers, and HR business partners, so they can support their businesses in making talent decisions."

    Kumud Kokal, Senior Director, HR Technology and Operations
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    “Visier has a full, comprehensive environment that allows you to really get your hands on the data, look at it all sorts of different ways, very quickly.”

    Tim Long, Director, Workforce Information
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    “It’s very obvious once you work with Visier that they are dynamic and customer responsive, but also they have a very deep knowledge in the domain of business intelligence.”

    Kevin Syvrud, VP, Global Operations, Human Resources
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Workforce Intelligence.

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Power your HR Transformation with Workforce Intelligence.

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